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Wed. Feb 1st, 2023

In Russia, Novaya Gazeta is no longer published on paper or on the Internet – in March the newspaper received warnings from Roskomnadzor (the Russian media market regulator) and was recognized as a “foreign agent”. The repression is related to the new regulations introduced in Russia after the attack on Ukraine, blocking the possibility of writing real information about the conflict.

Novaya Gazeta first removed materials from its website about Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine, and then completely suspended its activities – until the end of the war. The editor-in-chief of “NG” is Dmitry Muratov, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in December.

“We, the journalists of Novaya Gazeta, who were forced to leave Russia due to a virtual ban on practicing our profession, are pleased to announce that Novaya Gazeta. Europe “will enter a market that shares our values ​​and standards,” said Kiril Martynov, editor-in-chief of the new venture, in a statement.

The new service will publish articles about Russia in several languages.

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